Electrothermal Instrument/ Infrared For Joints Pain

  • RM389.90

This Knee Physiotherapy Instrument can sooth multiple parts of the pain, like shoulder, knee, and elbow.

1. The method of heat acupuncture makes the six hot guides send heat to make the joints warm and the temperature is adjustable.
2. Heat acupuncture can promote local vasodilation, analgesic, reduce adhesions and promote wound healing.
3. Infrared therapy can make the knee internal heat so as to heighten the human tissues temperature and effectively improve the organization and cell vitality and regeneration.
4. Vibration massage is through high-frequency vibration to relieve swelling and pain.
5. Penetrating thermal energy via warm radiation from the shining radiating light and infrared lighting into the deep zone of knee, which can rapidly improve pain at knee muscle.
6. Powerful built-in infrared light(700~50000nm), effectively penetrating the internally generated thermal energy into the deep zone of knee and thus improving the symptom.
7. Soothing multiple parts of the joints pain, like shoulder, knee, and elbow.


 Please allow delivery to take 2 to 4 weeks.

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